Compendium of Translation Software

directory of commercial machine translation systems

and computer-aided translation support tools

compiled by John Hutchins

on behalf of the European Association for Machine Translation and the International Association for Machine Translation


Current edition (March 2010) Now available as a searchable database on the EAMT website.

This edition is the last. In February 2012 it was decided by the Committee of the European Association for Machine Translation that the Compendium will no longer be updated.


The Compendium covers the following categories of software:

MT systems: for home use (e.g. for personal use by the general public); for Internet/Web (i.e. for translating electronic documents on the Internet, electronic mail, Web pages, chat discussions, etc.); for professional use (e.g. for use by professional translators); for company intranets.

Translation support tools: Electronic dictionaries; Localization support tools; Translation memory systems; Alignment tools; Terminology management systems; Foreign language authoring systems; Translator workstations

Online systems: MT services (i.e. translation service via Internet (or mobile telephone), with or without human post-editing); MT portals (i.e. services on Internet providing access to a number of MT services and/or to information about MT systems).

Older editions:

Each includes only those products known (or believed) to be currently available at the time, either from the makers or from distributors.

Preliminary draft edition (April 1999). [PDF, 285KB] This version was printed and distributed to all members of the International Association for Machine Translation. It was known to contain inaccuracies and incomplete entries, and even some systems already superseded. The information contained should be used with caution.

First edition (April 2000). [PDF, 456KB] The first edition was printed and distributed free to all members of the International Association for Machine Translation, and it was sold to non-members together with a password for access to later updates. No copies are now available.

Second edition (December 2000). [PDF, 473KB]

Third edition (February 2002). [PDF, 472KB]

Fourth edition (June 2002). [PDF, 498KB]

Fifth edition (October 2002). [PDF, 519KB]

Sixth edition (March 2003) [PDF, 542KB]

Seventh edition (August 2003) [PDF, 534KB]

Eighth edition (January 2004) [PDF, 532KB]

Ninth edition (July 2004) [PDF, 540KB]

Tenth edition (January 2005) [PDF, 540KB]

Eleventh edition (July 2005) [PDF, 718KB]

Twelfth edition (January 2006) [PDF, 734KB]

Thirteenth edition (June 2007) [PDF, 509KB]

Fourteenth edition (January 2008) [PDF, 608KB]

Fifteenth edition (January 2009) [PDF, 605KB]

Note that no printed versions of the Compendium were published after the first edition.

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