Linguistics, summarization, information retrieval, and library science

Publications by John Hutchins

A selected list of my publications on topics other than machine translation.

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[* = recently added]


The generation of syntactic structures from a semantic base. (North-Holland Linguistic Series 2) Amsterdam, North-Holland Publ.Co., 1971

Semantics in three formal models of language. Lingua 28 (3), 1971, 201-235. [PDF, 802KB]

Subjects, themes and case grammars. Lingua 35(2), 1975, 101-133  [PDF, 725KB]

‘On the structure of scientific texts’. UEA Papers in Linguistics 5, 1977, 18-39 [PDF, 144KB]

* Communicating scientific experiments in journal articles. In: Victor Yngve and Zdzisław Wąsik (eds.) Hard-science linguistics (London: Continuum, 2004), 304-317.  [PDF, 154KB]

* From text linguistics to a human linguistics of texts: the scientific paper as a case study. [Written 2002 as a ‘continuation’ of the above. Unpublished.]



Some problems and methods of text condensation’. UEA Papers in Linguistics 19, 1983, 38-54 [PDF, 137KB]

‘Summarization: some problems and methods’. In: Meaning: the frontier of informatics. Informatics 9: proceedings of a conference jointly sponsored by Aslib, the Aslib Informatics Group, and the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the British Computer Society, King's College, Cambridge, 26-27 March 1987; edited by Kevin P.Jones. London: Aslib, 1987. pp.151-173. [PDF, 200KB]

Introduction to “Text Summarization” workshop, December 1993’. In: B.Engres-Niggemeyer, J.Hobbs and K.Sparck-Jones (eds.) Summarising text for intelligent communication, Dagstuhl Seminar Report 79, IBFI, Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, Germany. [1995] [HTML]

Information retrieval, indexing, and classification

* Automatic document selection without indexing. Journal of Documentation 23(4), 1967, 273-290  [PDF, 433KB]

‘Linguistic processes in the indexing and retrieval of documents’. Linguistics 61, 1970, 29-64 [PDF, 291KB]

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Languages of indexing and classification: a linguistic study of structures and functions. (Librarianship and Information Studies 3) Stevenage, Peter Peregrinus, 1975

On the problem of ‘aboutness’ in document analysis’. Journal of Informatics 1(1), 1977, 17-35 [PDF, 179KB]

* The concept of 'aboutness' in subject indexing. Aslib Proceedings 30(5), May 1978, 172-181. [PDF, 58KB].  Repr. in: Sparck Jones, Karen and Willett, Peter (eds.) Readings in information retrieval (San Francisco: Morgan Kauffmann, 1997), 93-97. [ISBN: 1-55860-454-5]

* Information retrieval and text analysis’ In: Discourse and communication: new approaches to the analysis of mass media discourse and communication. Ed. by Teun A. van Dijk. (Research in Text Theory, vol.10.) Berlin, de Gruyter, 1985. pp.106-125.  [PDF, 515KB]


(with L.J.Pargeter and W.L.Saunders) ‘University research and the language barrier’ Journal of Librarianship 3(1), 1971, 1-25

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