Georgetown-IBM experiment

Demonstration on 7 January 1954 at IBM headquarters, New York

Newspaper and other contemporary reports

(some available as PDF files, others included in the archive at Georgetown University Library)


U.S. reports

Albuquerque Tribune, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Machine to ‘read’ needed to translate’

Binghampton Press, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Smartest electronic brain is learning, IBM computer now translates Russian’ [photo]

Binghampton Sun, 8 jan 1954: ‘IBM unveils electronic translator, a 12-machine version of the old pony’ [photo]

Boston Post, 7 Feb 1954: ‘It translates Russian!’, by Frank G.Jason [with cartoon and photos]

Boston Traveler, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Mechanical translator may hurdle language barrier in few seconds’

Brooklyb Daily, 13 Jan 1954: ‘ ‘Robot brain’ translates Russian’ [photos]

Brooklyn Eagle, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Electric translator is latest ‘miracle’’

Cambridge Banner (Maryland), 30 Jan 1954: ‘Looking at life’, by Erich Brandeis [King Features Syndicate, Inc.]

Chemical and Engineering News, 25 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic brain translates Russian’ [PDF, 158KB]

Chemical Week, 30 Jan 1954: ‘Polyglot brainchild’ [PDF, 370KB]

Chicago News, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic brain has vocabulary, translates, too’

Cincinnati Times-Star, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Even Russian is translated electronically’

Christian Science Monitor, 11 Jan 1954: ‘Robot translates nimbly’, by Harry C. Kenny [PDF, 79KB]

Christian Science Monitor, 13 jan 1954 [editorial, also syndicated]

Computers and Automation, vol.3 (2), 1954: ‘Language translation by machine - a report of the first successful trial’, by Neil Macdonald [PDF, 239KB]

Dallas Times Herald, 13 Jan 1954: ‘ ‘Robot’ translates Russain language’

Denver Post, 31 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic machinery translates languages’, by Gene Lindberg

Detroit Free Press, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Translates: electronic brain now a linguist’ [syndicated by Associated Press]

Detroit News, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Smart in any language: iron brain thinks English on diet of Russian words’

Electrical Engineering, March 1954: ‘Russian translated into English by electronic computer in a few seconds’ [PDF, 76KB]

Fort Worth Press, [?] 1954: ‘Machine must ‘read’, too’

Forth Worth Star Telegram, 8 Jan 1954: ‘New mechanical translator even understands Russian’

Framingham News (Mass.), 11 Jan 1954: ‘Electonic ‘brain’ to translate from Russian’

Gary Post Tribune (Indiana), 8 jan 1954: ‘Beats phone’ [photo]

Glendale News Brief (California), 13 Jan 1954: ‘Where machine fails’ [also in: Monrovia News-Post (Ca.)]

Hunting Park Signal (California), 8 Jan 1954: ‘Language brain’

IBM press release, 7 Jan 1954: ‘701 translator’ [PDF, 69KB]

Jamestown Post-Journal (N.Y.), 15 jan 1954: ‘Electronic brain translates Russian into English’ [PDF, 99KB]

Journal of the Franklin Institute, March 1954: ‘Electronic translation’ [PDF, 92KB]

Lewiston Sun (Maine), 14 Jan 1954: ‘Translating by machine’

Los Angeles Times, 9 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic brain may be near as translator’ [PDF, 68KB]

Mechanical World, December 1955: ‘Language translation by electronic computer’, by W. Schweisheimer [PDF, 788KB]

Minneapolis Star, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic ‘brain’ eats up Russian, spits out English’

Newsweek, 18 Jan 1954: ‘The bilingual machine’ [PDF, 67KB]

New York Catholic News, 16 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic brain IBM and Georgetown revised can translate Russian’

New York Daily News, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Device ‘reads’ Russian lingo’

New York Herald Tribune, 8 Jan 1954: ‘It’s all done by machine: words go in in Russian, English sentences come out’, by Earl Ubell [PDF, 82KB] [also syndicated as ‘Electronic ‘brain’ translates Russian into English in seconds’]

New York Herald Tribune, 10 Jan 1954: ‘Electronic linguistics’ [editorial] [PDF, 64KB]

New York Herald Tribune, 15 Jan 1954: ‘A word on languages’ [letter to editor from] Mario Pei [PDF, 56KB]

New York Journal American, 8 Jan 1954: ‘ ‘Brain’ makes like wolf’

New York Journal of Commerce, 8 Jan 1954: ‘IBM electronic brain translates Russian’

New York Mirror, 8 Jan 1954: ‘IBM ‘brain’ translates Russ without red tape’, by Richard Wilson

New York Times, 8 jan 1954: ‘Russain is turned into English by a fast electronic translator’, by Robert K.Plumb [PDF, 88KB]

Oklahoman, 25 Jan 1954: ‘Electrical brain can now translate foreign languages’, by Alice Hughes [syndicated]

Owosso Argus-Press (Michigan), 14 Jan 1954: ‘Modern machines do wonders,but there’s possible errors’

Pittsburgh Press, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Translators,beware! You can be replaced’

Presque Isle Star Herald (Maine), 28 Jan 1954: ‘New IBM electronic machine changes Russian into English’

Scholastic, 20 jan 1954: ‘Translating machine’

Science, 21 October 1955: ‘Mechanical translation: new challenge to communication’, by Jacob Ornstein [PDF, 200KB]

Science News Letter, 23 Jan 1954: ‘Language translation by electronic “brain”’ [PDF, 69KB]

Scranton Times (Pennsylvania), 8 Jan 1954: ‘Device hurdles word barriers’ [photo]

St.Louis Post-Dispatch, 24 Jan 1954: ‘Machine that translates Russian into English’ [photos]

St.Louis Register, 22 Jan 1954: ‘Mechanical translator’ [with photo of all involved]

Topeka State Journal, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Mechanical translator puts foreign language into English’ [photo]

Wall Street Journal (New York), 8 Jan 1954: ‘IBM designs computer to translate Russian sentenecs into English’

Washington News, 9 Jan 1954: ‘Translating machine invented by experts’

Washington Post, 8 Jan 1954: ‘ ‘Brain’ types out English from Russian’

Washington Star, 19 Jan 1954: ‘Breaking the language barrier’

Washington Times Herald, 8 Jan 1954: ‘ ‘Robot brain’ translates Russian into King’s English’, by Harry Gabbett [PDF, 73KB]

Weeling Intellingencer (W.Virginia), 22 Jan 1954: ‘Robot ‘brain’ being developed to translate Russian’ [syndicated by United Press]

Worcester Telegram (Mass.), 8 jan 1954: ‘Electronic brain now translates languages’, by John Geiger

World-Telegram & The Sun (New York), 8 Jan 1954: ‘IBM ‘brain’ now used to translate Russian’, by Helen T. Emery.


Other North American reports

Daily Gleaner (Fredericton), 6 Feb 1954: ‘Translating device’

Le Droit (Ottawa), 12 Jan 1954: ‘L’I.B.M. présente une machine qui peut faire dela traduction’

Globe and Mail (Toronto), 12 Feb 1954: ‘Electronic translations possible in five years’ [PDF, 65KB}


U.K. reports

Daily Express, 12 Jan 1954

Daily Mail, 6 Feb 1954: ‘Noel Barber meets the brain’ [PDF, 105KB]

Financial Times, 26 Jan 1954

Financial Times, 1 March 1954: ‘The electronic translator’ [PDF, 79KB]

News Chronicle, 8 Jan 1954: ‘This robot translates Russian’

Star, 8 Jan 1954: ‘Auto-brain translates’

The Times, 9 Jan 1954: ‘Language machine demonstration: texts translated’ [PDF, 61KB]


Other European reports

Berliner Zeitung, 25 Jan. 1954: ‘Das übersetzende elektronische Gehirn’

Le Monde, 9 Jan 1954: ‘Un traducteur éléctronique’, by C.-G.B.

Der Zeitgeist, 26 Feb 1954: ‘Eine neue Wunder-Maschine’