Surveys, overviews and general aspects of machine translation

by John Hutchins


arranged from recent to oldest

The older publications are obviously now of only historical interest

[* = latest addition, October 2010]


* (2010) Outline of machine translation developments in Europe and America. To be published in JAPIO yearbook 2011.

* (2009) Multiple uses of machine translation and computerized translation tools. ISMTCL: International Symposium on Data Mining and Sense Mining, Machine Translation and Controlled Languages, and their application to emergencies and safety critical domains, July 1-3, 2009, Centre Tesnière, University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France (Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté, 2009); pp. 13-20. [PDF, 66KB]

(2008) Recent applications of machine translation. To be published in Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies [PDF, 50KB]

(2008) A brief overview of machine translation in Europe and North America. JAPIO 2008 Yearbook (Tokyo: Japan Patent Information Organization, 2008) [PDF, 38KB]

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(2003) Computer-based translation systems and tools. [Revision 2003] For British Computer Society state of the art reports: natural language translation. [PDF, 89KB]

(2002) Machine translation today and tomorrow. Computerlinguistik: was geht, was kommt? Computational linguistics: achievements and perspectives. Festschrift für Winfried Lenders; hrsg. Gerd Willée, Bernhard Schröder, Hans-Christian Schmitz (Sankt Augustin: Gardez! Verlag, 2002), 159-162. (Sprachwissensschaft, Computerlinguistik und Neue Medien, Bd.4). [PDF, 81KB]

(2002) The state of machine translation in Europe and future prospects. HLT Central, January 2002. [HLT Central website no longer in operation.] [PDF, 99KB]

(2001) Commercial systems: the state of the art in 2001 [Unpublished earlier version of the papers in Somers’ collection (2003), reflecting the situation in mid 2001; PDF, 132KB]

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(1999) Commercial systems: the state of the art in 1999. [Unpublished earlier version of the paper in Somers’ collection (2003), reflecting the situation in mid 1999; PDF, 136KB]

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(1996) Computer-based translation systems and tools. [Version for: British Computer Society state of the art reports: natural language translation.] [PDF, 93KB]

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(1995) Trends in machine translation research. [Unpublished. Written 1995 for Sprog och Erhverv.] [PDF, 101KB]

(1994) Vers une époche nouvelle en traduction automatique: développements depuis 1990. In: Clas, André et Bouillon, Pierrette (eds.) TA-TAO: recherches de pointe et applications immédiates. Troisièmes Journées Scientifiques du réseau thématiqueLexicologie, Terminologie, Traduction” Montréal, 30 septembre, 1er et 2 octobre 1993. Montréal (Québec): AUPELF/UREF, 1994 [i.e. 1995], pp.3-16.  [PDF, 133KB]

(1994) A new era in machine translation. In: Translating and the Computer 16. Papers presented at a conference jointly sponsored by Aslib, The Association for Information Management, Aslib Technical Translation Group, Institution of Translation and Interpreting, European Association for Machine Translation, 10-11 November 1994, Institution of Civil Engineers, London. [London: Aslib, 1994]. pp.1-13. Repr. in: Aslib Proceedings 47(1), October 1995, p.211-219. [PDF, 162KB]

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(1991) Machine translation in the eighties.

 Zápisník slovenského jazykovedca 10 (1/2), 1991 [i.e. 1992], 13-16. [PDF, 92KB]

(1989) Why take the machine's word for it? Computer Weekly, October 19, 1989, 30-31 [PDF, 62KB]

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